DOZGOOD MEDIA is a multi-media production company offering a wide range of production, marketing, & entertainment services.

We have almost thirty years experience in the media business & have worked with a-list talent at major broadcast & cable networks. Our experience & knowledge of all facets of media is what sets us apart from others.

Hundreds of engaging promotional clips and ads have been produced to engage an audience to products, brands, businesses & people utilizing broadcast, print & social media platforms.

Our vast experience includes work on the production of almost 10,000 pieces of content in almost every genre & niche of television…including comedy, news, talk shows, sports, politics, game shows, competition, music, clips/countdown shows, interactive, reality, & documentary.

We are experienced storytellers & out-of -the -box thinkers that seemlessly integrate with you to bring your vision to life no matter the scale of the project. Our work gets produced & delivered with a partnership mindset & passion!

Short form, budget conscious ads specifically made for social media outreach is our focus.